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cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing delivers computing, storage, and even application as a service across the network.

It uses virtualization as a base for its functionality like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has thousands of servers, virtual machines, and petabytes of storage available for use by anyone on the Internet.

Users pay monthly based on how much of those resources they use.

There Are Actually Many Types of Cloud Computing:-

  1. Public cloud:- a cloud available on the Internet to anyone who is willing to pay for the services and takes them on rent.
  2. Private cloud:- a cloud run by an individual company for its own use.
  3. Hybrid cloud:- a cloud that includes both private and public components
  4. Software as a service (SaaS):- One or more than one application use via the Internet (such as word processors or spreadsheets) available on the Internet.
  5. Platform as a service (PaaS):- a software stack ready for application use on the Internet (for example, a database server).
  6. Infrastructure as a service (Iaas):- services or storage available over the internet (for example, storage available for making backup copies of production data).

A cloud computing environment provides a combination of several types.

Some Cloud Computing Services:

  1. Email Services: This allows sending of bulk emails at minimal costs. It also provides service providers that offer domain-name capabilities so that your emails appear to be sent and received on your own domain, even though you are using their servers. Also, you don’t have to worry about Spam protection and software updating. Some cloud email services are Google Apps, Yahoo Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange online.
  2. Document sharing: This service stores files on the server and allows you to access them from anywhere. They can be as simple as a file repository to more sophisticated things that create entire networks of virtual computers for applications and databases. Some cloud document sharing services are Microsoft’s Live Office, Google Docs, and
  3. Database services: These services provide databases running on cloud computing platforms. using a Virtual Machine users can run databases on the cloud independently, or they can purchase access to a database service, maintained by a cloud database provider the databases available on the cloud, are SQL-based and some use a NoSQL data model. Some cloud database services are Microsoft SQL Azure Database, SimpleDB by Amazon Web Services, Google App Data Store.
  4. Application Hosting: This service provides Web hosting and much more, including storage, load-balancing, elastic scalability, authentication services, and integration with local networks. It reduces the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications and is suitable for companies that are looking forward to cutting costs. Some cloud application hosting services are Microsoft Windows Azure, Google App Engine, Rackspace.

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