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What are web hosting and domain name?

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows us to store a website’s content on the servers owned by the company providing this service. The actual location of a website is the server on which this website is stored. There are 3 types of web hosting services available online. First are the web hosting services that are free to use. But they are free because they provide servers that are vulnerable and cannot be trusted. Also, these servers are slow in speed resulting in slow loading of websites.

Then there are affordable web hosting services that do not cost much but provide decent services comparatively. They provide better security and speed than the free ones. They are good to use for small scale businesses.

Only premium hosting services can fulfill a requirement of extreme reliability, trust, and security. These hosting services cost more than usual but they can definitely serve medium to big businesses well. Along with other benefits, premium providers may also offer email accounts, unlimited traffic handling, 100% uptime guarantee.

Almost all web hosting service providers require their users to have a domain name in order to build a website. If the user does not have a domain name, the web hosting providers usually offer them to help in buying one.

Domain Name

A domain name is an address of a website that a user will enter in the address bar of the browser to reach that website.

The Internet is a network of networks to which millions of computers are connected. Now to make it easy to identify a computer on the network, a unique IP address is assigned to every computer (or server). An IP address is a combination of digits.

Computers can easily remember and use these IP addresses but for most humans, it is quite difficult to remember them. In order to solve this problem, domain names were introduced. A domain name is a string of alphabets that forms words without spaces between them. Every domain name is linked to a particular IP address. This means that whenever a domain name is entered into a web browser, the browser goes directly to the webpage present on that particular IP address.

The words in a domain name are usually relatable to the nature of the website or brand name of the website services or its products. The user can easily remember these domain names which can be used to reach the websites.


Web hosting and domain name depend on each other for their functioning. A website is useless in the absence of any one of them. If a domain name does not have a web hosting address then it is not possible to build the website. In the same way, if there is no domain name for an IP address, the website will not be reachable to its users.

Common features that web hosting providers offer in addition to web hosting:

  1. Email with domain name: Hosting services often provide email account features to their customers. Using these features, customers can create email accounts having the domain name in the email address. For example, if the domain name of the user’s company is, and the name of the user is Abc, then the user can have an email account having as its email address.
  2. WordPress support: A lot of websites present on the internet are made using WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management and blogging system that lets you create websites online. As WordPress requires PHP version 7+ and MySQL version 5.6+, web hosting services offer their customers support for WordPress by fulfilling these requirements.

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