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How to create a course and enroll a user in it, self and manually enrollment in Totara

To create a course.
Go to site administrator->courses->manage courses and categories.
Go to miscellaneous click on create a new course

Enter the course full name eg science
Enter the course short name eg science
Enter the course start and end if you want

Enrollment Totara4

Enter the course description

Enrollment Totara5

You can change the course format

Enrollment Totara6

Click on save and display

Enrollment Totara7

A new Course is created with the name science

To enroll users in a course go to the enrollment method in the course administration

There are different types of enrollment methods in Moodle/Totara like:

  1. Manual enrollment:- It allows the teacher of the course to manage individual enrollment of the student to their course.
  2. Self-enrollment:- User can directly enroll via enrolment key.
  3. Guest Access:- Users with the guest role can view the contents of the course.

Go to
Site administrator->courses->choose the course

Enrollment Totara8

Click on the course


Go to enrolled methods


Choose the enrollment methods manual or self-enrollment.


To enroll user manually go to the course administrator of that course-> users-> enrolled users



Self enrolment – A user can enroll him/herself into a course by going through Settings > Course administration > “Enrol me in this course”

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