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React native snap carousel

Introduction to React Native Snap Carousel:-

React native snap carousel is used to create slideshow images with autoplay or slider.


$ npm install --save react-native-snap-carousel
import Carousel from 'react-native-snap-carousel';
export class MyCarousel extends Component {
_renderItem = ({item, index}) => {
return (
<View style={styles.slide}>
<Text style={styles.title}>{ item.title }</Text>
render () {
return (
{ this._carousel = c; }}

Built-in layouts in React Native:-

In version 3.6.0, two new layouts are introduced on top of the original one: the primary one is referred to as ‘stack’ since it mimics a stack of cards, and the other one is referred to as ‘tinder’ because it presents a Tinder-like animation.
You could pick between the three of them using the new prop layout and adjust the default card offset inside the ‘stack’ and ‘tinder’ layouts with prop layoutCardOffset.
<Carousel layout={'default'} />


<Carousel layout={'stack'} layoutCardOffset={`18`} />


<Carousel layout={'tinder'} layoutCardOffset={`9`} />
By using these layouts in React Native we can make different types of sliders in our application. For further documentation, you can follow the given link:-
Click Here

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