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Regression Testing

The difference Between Retesting and Regression Testing

Testing is one of the most critical aspects of the Software Development Life cycle. Developing a Product is a complex task; during the development process we encounter many bugs and Errors and that’s where testing comes into the picture as a critical part. Testing is a vast topic it has many of Its types and today we will learn about Retesting and Regression Testing.

Let’s Learn about Retesting and Regression Testing.

Retesting: When a bug, defect, or error has been Resolved by the developer Post fixing the bug, defect, or error the task is assigned to the Q/A team to see if it has been resolved or not.

Points to Remember

  • The main agenda of Retesting is to confirm the test Scenarios which are failed during the implementation are resolved post fixing it.
  • It is performed when bugs are fixed.
  • It is performed on failed Test scenarios.
  • It is a planned Testing.
  • It makes sure that bugs have been resolved.
  • Retesting is performed Before Regression Testing.
  • It is performed in the same environment with the same test data on the new build.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is used to confirm that new updates or modifications introduced in the software application have not adversely affected the existing functionality of the software.
The motive of regression testing is to find out bugs that may occur due to changes in the software application. It focuses on new changes that should not affect the existing functionality.

Points to Remember

  • The main agenda of Regression testing is to ensure that changes in the software application are working fine and have affected other functionality.
  • It is also known as generic Testing.
  • It is performed on Passed Test scenarios.
  • It verifies the unpredicted bugs.
  • It is only performed when there are updates or modifications in the software application.
  • It is performed after Retesting.

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