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API testing

What is an API and API Testing?

What is API?

It is a way for any two applications to communicate with each other. API is a mediator which helps two applications to communicate with each other which is called an application programming interface (API).


In other words, we can say application programming interface is logic which is written by a developer using any programming language which performs some things that are called application programming interface.

Today with the help of API we are able to book an uber and purchase most of the things from an online platform.

API testing?

Testing the backend part and testing the logic that is written by the developer is called Application programming interface(API) testing.

There are many tools that are helping to test the application programming interface(API).

API Testing Tools

  1. ACCELQ – Zero code API test automation on cloud / accelQ is a cloud-based, continuous testing platform for functional and API testing needs. accelQ is offered both on SAAS and On-Premise models.
  2. API Fortress – It is Rest & SOAP API web service and microservices testing platform.
  3. API Science – API science is an advanced API monitoring service and easy to use
  4. Apigee – Easily create API proxies and visually configure or code API policies as steps in the API flow.
  5. Assertible – Easily create tests for web service.
  6. Citrus Framework – Citrus is open source and licensed under apache license 2.0.
  7. HTTPMASTER – Universal HTTP testing tool advanced support for web APIs and services
  8. Insomnia – (Free and Open source for Mac, Windows, and Linux)
  9. Mockbin – mockbin allows you to generate custom Endpoints to test, Mock, and track HTTP requests & responses between libraries, Sockets, and APIs.
  10. Ping API – Ping API is API testing that allows you to write test scripts in javascript and coffee.

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