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c++ programming

Brief History of C++

C++ programming language

The C++ programming language was created, designed & developed by a Danish Computer Scientist – Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Telephone Laboratories (now known as Nokia Bell Labs) in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

Development for C++ language was started in 1979 when Bjarne Stroustrup was doing work for his Ph.D. thesis. His goal was to add object-oriented programming into the C language and hence he launched C with classes (C++) in 1980.

C with Classes“, as implied by the name, was meant to be a superset of the C language. This language included inlining, default function arguments, classes, basic inheritance, and strong type checking in addition to all the features of the C language.

The name of the language was modified from C with Classes to C++ in 1983. The ++ operator within the C language is an operator for incrementing a variable, which provides some insight into how Stroustrup regarded the language. Several new features were added around this time, the most notable ones of which are function overloading, virtual functions, references with the & symbol, the const keyword, and single-line comments using two forward slashes.

In 1985, Stroustrup’s relation to the language entitled “The C++ programming language” was printed and released. The language wasn’t officially standardized yet, making the book a very standardized reference. The language was updated again in 1989 and included protected and static members, as well as inheritance from several classes.

In 1990, “The Annotated C++ Reference Manual” was released all over. The same year, Borland’s Turbo C++ compiler would also be released as a commercial product. Turbo C++ added a plethora of additional libraries which might have a considerable impact on C++’s development. Although the last stable release of Turbo C++ was in 2006, the compiler is still widely used.

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