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How Does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords, also called Google Ads is an advertising service introduced by Google. A business can place its website on top of the Google search result page by paying for the same through Google Adwords. Marketers are connected to relevant potential leads instantly that could be turned into customers once they reach the advertiser’s website and subscribe to its services or buy its products.

What happens usually without Google Adwords?

When somebody opens google search and types something to search over the internet, google displays the search results containing websites according to their SEO ranking with highly ranked websites on the top and low ranked websites at the bottom. The user can choose out of these webpages to find the required content or service.

When does Google Adwords come into play?

If the user has typed something which is a keyword present in the Adwords’ advertiser keyword pool, Google will determine the relevance and quality of the keyword using an algorithm. As there is space for only 4 ads on the top and 2 at the bottom, the algorithm will choose the top 6 keywords with the highest quality score. The relevant text ads are then placed on the search result page. A total of 17 results are present on the search result page with 4 ads on the top, 10 organic search results and a maximum of three more text ads at the bottom. For example, if you search on google using words like “flight ticket booking”, Google will present a list of websites that provide flight booking services. Now if you look carefully, you will find that the websites at the top and bottom are advertised and not organic results. These ads contain a badging like “Ad” or “Ads”. The ads can be figured out quite easily in some cases as Google displays ads that are not an accurate match of what we are looking for. An example of this can be if user types “famous places in Paris” in Google search it may display flight booking or travel package ads related to Paris. Although it is not very common, it happens every now and then. Google may improve this by using more precise algorithms.

Types of Google Adwords

  1. Search Ads – This is the most common type of ad in the Google search engine. This is also the one which is mentioned in the previous paragraph above. Search ads contribute to a bigger proportion of Google Adwords as compared to other types.
  2. Shopping Ads – Shopping ads provide results that are directly related to the user’s query and prove to be useful to the user. These ads usually consist of keywords like “buy” or “shop”. Shopping ads are dynamic and the number of ads is usually more than four as it appears in the form of a scrollable strip of products. When the user clicks on a product present in a shopping ad, the browser goes directly to that specific product page on the advertiser’s website.
  3. Video Ads – Video ads are popular over youtube. These Ads appear before a video starts playing. As Youtube is a high traffic website where millions of people go to watch video content daily, it provides a huge audience for these advertisements. Moreover, most of the video content on YouTube is related to some kind of service or product that can help the marketing of a product if ads relevant to the videos are displayed.
  4. Mobile App Ads – These types of ads are concerned with promoting mobile applications over various platforms such as Google Playstore, Youtube, Google Search, etc. Google Adwords automatically pick up ad text ideas from the Playstore app listings. Various formats of the ads are designed by Adwords which are tested and the one that performs the best is displayed.

How does Google Adwords make a difference?

It is quite a lengthy and difficult process to bring up a website in the top ten search results of a google search result page as there is so much competition with almost all the businesses having an online presence. So, in order to appear on the first page, Google offers this paid service to help your marketing efforts. It is a quick process as it provides immediate results right after a campaign is started.

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